Use-cases & Demos

Working on a Side-Project?

Use it as a support page, contact me page, 1-click purchase flows or connect it to twitter and use it as a mini-blog. Don’t spend time developing features that you can setup on Ahoyo in seconds.

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Build startup contact form business or brand example

Therapist, Coach or Advisor?

Build your brand on social networks and direct your traffic to Ahoyo to sell products, showcase services, allow booking appointments directly on your Google Calendar, blogging and more.

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Build mindfulness business or brand example

Personal Brand or Small Business?

Connect with your customers quickly, showcase your links, content, services and more. Your repeat customers can even save your page to their mobile home screen for quick re-orders.

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Build a small business example

Influencer or Musician?

Keep all of your content, links, promotions in a single place for your followers. Connect your PayPal account and start selling swag in seconds. Highlight your top videos, playlists and more.

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Build business community or brand example

Therapist? Jump-start your business in under 3 minutes.
Side-Project? Save time developing contact us or changelog pages.
Product Manager? Easily get feedback and schedule user interviews.
Musician? Get your brand our there and sell some merchandise.
Personal Brand? Save time and get up and running with scheduling and products.
Influencer? Get a single link for all of your mediums and monetize faster.

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